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"Good-for-Nothing" Releases New Posters

2012-07-25 15:35:41        Chinese Films

New poster for "Good-for-Nothing Heros."[]

The production company for "Good-for-Nothing Heroes" released three posters to promote their upcoming film, reports.

Directed by Fu Yong and starring Francis Ng, Lam Suet, Qiao Renliang, Kent Cheng, Christy Chung and Zhou Weitong, the film "Good-for-Nothing Heroes" will debut on August 3.

Qiao Renliang plays the leading role of Peng Da, a rag-and-bone man who accidentally becomes the new boss at a luxury hotel.

Lam Suet portrays Peng Da's best friend, Long, and Francis Ng plays their opposite as Danny.

By Ma Sicong

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