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"Painted Skin:The Resurrection" Takes China BO Record

2012-07-25 09:26:52        Chinese Films

Still in "Painted Skin: The Resurrection."[]

Painted Skin: The Resurrection is officially China's highest grossing domestic film. In 25 days, Wuershan's action fantasy has taken RMB686 million ($107 million) in China.

Resurrection has taken the box office record from Let the Bullets Fly (2010) which made RMB674 million. It had narrowly taken the record from Aftershock (2010), which had taken RMB665 million a few months earlier.

Due to the higher ticket prices of the 3-D Resurrection, it has yet to match the admission records of either film. At an average ticket price of RMB44 ($6.90), it has been viewed by 15.5 million people in cinemas.

Resurrection was ranked second at the box office last week behind another action-fantasy, The Four. The 2-D film has now made RMB151.9 million ($23.8m million) in China. A sequel is currently shooting.

In third place, CHEN Kaige's contemporary drama Caught in the Web has now taken RMB147 million (US$23 million) in 16 days. His most recent film, the historical drama Sacrifice (2010), made RMB199 million (US$31.1 million).

The strongest new film last week was Bunshinsaba, South Korea's AN Byung-ki's Chinese-language remake of his own Bunshinsaba: Ouija Board (2004). The horror took RMB32.0 million (US$5.01 million) in 7 days.

The highly-anticipated remake features a Chinese cast and local scriptwriters, but employs a South Korean cinematographer, CHOI Sang-mook, and composer, JEONG Yong-jin.

Another local horror, The Death is Here, released in June used a similar Chinese name and poster art inspired by the original South Korean horror. It made RMB23.3 million ($3.64 million) in cinemas.

Also newly released last week was GAO Qunshu's award-winning Beijing Blues. The docu-drama made RMB4.30 million (US$670,000) over 3 days.

Source: Film Business Asia

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