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Short Films to Depict China's Olympic History

2012-07-25 09:11:33        xinhua

Sports critic Huang Jianxiang talks about the short film series "The Road to Dreams" in Beijing on July 23, 2012. He is the executive producer of the five short films. [Photo:]

A series of short films titled "The Road to Dreams", depicting China's involvement in the Olympic Games, will be published online this month, according to the films' producer.

Sports critic Huang Jianxiang said his five short films will be published online from July 23 to 27, adding that the films will tell stories about two generations' worth of Olympic athletes, including members of the 1984 women's volleyball team.

"The films are a form of encouragement based on sports stories," Huang said. "Sports are a kind of lifestyle and the films are intended to expand the positive attitude gained through sports to the audience," he added.

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