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Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau Refuse Stand-ins in "The Bullet Vanishes"

2012-07-25 15:34:14        Chinese Films

Nicholas Tse in "The Bullet Vanishes." [Photo:]

The two lead actors of the upcoming detective film "The Bullet Vanishes" refused stand-ins while filming dangerous explosion scenes, reports.

To build the momentum for the movie's release on August 14, director Lau Chi-leung said actors Nicholas Tse, who has long been praised for his professional acting style,

and Sean Lau insisted on doing their own explosion and fight scenes inside an armory.

The two actors play detectives investigating a series of murders that take place in an armory. They begin an investigation to try to find out the truth behind the "ghost bullets."

"The Bullet Vanishes" is regarded as the most anticipated detective film of the summer.

By Chen Nan

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