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Jackie Chan, Feng Xiaogang Gathered at Li Bingbing's Family Event

2012-07-25 15:08:17        Chinese Films

Jackie Chan at the wedding. [Photo:]

Chinese movie heavyweights Jackie Chan, Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Yang, the president of Huayi Bros Wang Zhongjun, CEO of Huayi Bros. Wang Zhonglei and the CEO of Bona Film Group Yu Dong were spotted at a wedding yesterday in Beijing, reports.

The wedding was held by Huayi Bros' top actress Li Bingbing. The bride is Li's younger sister and a manager at Huayi.

Li is at the top her career now. She was able to gather the leaders of the two largest private film production companies of China for the wedding. Huayi Bros and Bona Film Group have been long-time competitors on Chinese film market.

Director Zhao Baogang, actresses Dong Dandan, Eva Huang and TV celebrity Yan Lan were also present.

By Chen Nan

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