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"The Silent War" Releases New Posters

2012-07-24 17:01:22        Chinese Films

Poster of "The Silent War."[]

New posters of "The Silent War" were released by its production company today to promote the upcoming spy movie, reports.

"The Silent War" is adapted from the spy novel "An Suan" written by Mai Jia. It was co-directed by Mak Siu Fai and Felix Chong, whose films "Infernal Affairs" and "Overheard" won them national recognition.

"The Silent War" is set in 1951, when the mainland was in a fierce spy war with the Nationalist Party in Taiwan.

Tony Leung portrays a blind agent and Zhou Xun portrays a female special agent

"The Silent War" will premiere on August 10.

By Ma Sicong

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