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Final Poster of "People Mountain People Sea" Out

2012-07-24 13:58:50        Chinese Films

The final poster of the film "People Mountain People Sea". [Photo:]

Director Cai Shangjun's latest film "People Mountain People Sea" is set to hit screens on August 3. Prior to its public screening, the final poster of the film was released to drum up interest of the audiences.

The poster features three leads of the film – Chen Jianbin, Tao Hong and Wu Xiubo – with a broken mirror as their backdrop.

Interspersed with crime, revenge and self-salvation, the film tells the story of five brothers traveling thousands of miles searching for the murderer who killed their younger brother.

"People Mountain People Sea" won Silver Lion prize for best director at the 68th Venice International Film Festival last year.

By Liu Shuai

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