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"The Four" Garners 150 Million yuan in Box Office Revenue

2012-07-24 11:19:39        Chinese Films

The four [Photo:]

Produced by Enlight Pictures and directed by Gordon Chan, the martial arts drama "The Four" has grossed around 150 million yuan (US$23.4 million) at the box office since its screening on July 12.

The production company is expecting that the box revenue will exceed 200 million yuan.

Since its release, the screening times and the audience numbers for "The Four" has been No. 1 compared to other films screened during the same period.

Enlight Pictures has also recently announced that the sequel to the film has begun shooting in Hengdian Film Base which is located in Zhejiang Province.

By Liu Shuai

A still photo of "The Four" [Photo:]

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