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Wang Xiaoshuai Talks about his First Micro Film

2012-07-23 15:08:36        Chinese Films

Wang Xiaoshua. [File Photo]

Director Wang Xiaoshuai uploaded his first micro film "Far Away" on the Internet recently. He accepted an interview with on July 20 to talk about it.

"Far Away" is one installment of Youku's 12 Star Signs Micro Films Project. The movie features a successful Sagittarius man as the lead character. "Sagittarius men yearn for freedom and passion. If you stop him from enjoying his freedom, he will escape from you," Wang said during his interview.

Talking about the fast development of micro films, Wang said, "There are more possibilities in making micro films. I can focus on the story, the film language, the lens and the technology." His other two micro films "Stay" and "The Coordinate" are finished shooting.

The 12 Star Signs Micro Films Project is co-filmed by Lu Chuan, Wang Xiaoshuai, Teng Huatao and Hao Lei. Each will shoot three films.

Lu Chuan's "Heart Direction" and Wang's "Far Away" were released on earlier.

By Chen Nan

Poster of "Far Away."

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