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John Woo: Chinese Films Don't Have Real Blockbusters

2012-07-20 15:52:53        Chinese Films

John Woo.[]

Acclaimed director John Woo has recovered from the cancer and confirms that he has two projects in hand this year and next, reports.

A tumor was discovered in Woo's throat months ago and the director went to Taiwan and America for medical treatment.

"Thanks to the doctors who found the tumor when I was in Beijing," said Woo, "Fortunately the tumor is benign. After a few months' treatment, now I am almost fully recovered."

Woo also thanked his fans who cares much about his condition. "I am grateful. Now my condition is much better and I will take better care of my self."

Woo was filming his latest project "Sheng Si Lian" before he was found ill. He said the shooting would begin at early 2013.

Woo also revealed that this year he would take the helm of a remake of "Le Samourai" (1967), a classic French crime film by Jean-Pierre Melville, as his come-back work to Hollywood.

Talking about the current Chinese film industry, Woo spoke out his own point of view. "Our industry is developing fast," he said, "But we don't have works that can be called blockbusters. There is still much space for us to improve."

By Ma Sicong

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