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Liu Ye Tames a Horse in his New Movie

2012-07-19 18:06:28        Chinese Films

Liu Ye on the set of "Sha Jie." [Photo: xinhua]

Award-winning actor Liu Ye is busy shooting his new movie "Sha Jie" in Beijing right now. But acting is not his only job. According to, the actor tamed a horse on the set last week.

At that time, the production team was filming some riding scenes. A horse was suddenly startled and started kicking.

But Liu was able to calm it with the support of some staff. It turned out that Liu had lots of experience in getting along with horses during the shooting of "The Last Supper."

"Sha Jie" features Liu Ye and former "Mou Girl" Ni Ni as a couple. They portray a love-hate relationship in the movie.

By Chen Nan

Liu Ye on the set of "Sha Jie." [Photo: xinhua]

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