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"Dangerous Liaisons" Faces Off "Taichi" with Great Confidence

2012-07-19 18:05:38        Chinese Films

Poster of "Dangerous Liaisons." [Photo:]

This year's National Day Holiday slot is regarded to be the cruelest time spot for Chinese movies. So far, seven domestic productions are confirmed for release on or about September 28. The fierce box office competition will kick off with the screening of Zhang Ziyi's romance "Dangerous Liaisons" on September 27.

During a news conference of his kung fu flick "Taichi" on July 17, producer Chen Guofu sent a message to all peers that they will face a tremendous failure for releasing their movies on the same date of his movie, which is September 28. But one person sneered at his bold announcement.

Chen Weiming, CEO of Zonbo Media, told a Changjing Business Daily reporter yesterday that Chen is the person who should reconsider his movie's release date.

Zonbo Media is the production company of "Dangerous Liaisons," an adaptation of the famous French novel of the same name.

The mainland's movie heavyweight Zhang Ziyi, Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung and South Korean actor Jang Dong-gun star in movie as lead characters.

Chen continued to say, "I feel that he has little confidence of his movie. In a mature film industry, good movies can share the market together. You can't just throw out such a statement."

Chen Guofu also told the media that making a movie is like gambling for him. Chen Weizhong refuted his idea by saying, "Making movies is a business as well as an artistic creation. Zonbo Media never intend to win the market by good luck. We have a good script, a good production team and a good producer. We have good reasons to attract audiences."

At the end of the interview, Chen expressed his good wishes for Chinese movies, hoping they can all accomplish good results.

By Chen Nan

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