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A Stockholm Complex in "The Lethal Hostage"

2012-07-19 14:20:57        Chinese Films

Cast members of "The Lethal Hostage" at the press conference. [Photo:]

Cast and crew of the crime film "The Lethal Hostage" attended their first press conference yesterday in Beijing, reports.

Actors Sun Honglei, Wang Luodan, Ni Dahong, Yang Kun and Zhang Mou made appeared alongside director Cheng Er to build momentum for the movie's release on August 17. A teaser trailer was also released by the production team.

In the movie, a drug dealer portrayed by Sun, falls in love with his hostage (Wang Luodan) and decides to quit the business, that is, after one final deal.

The movie is produced by Chinese sixth generation director Ning Hao.

By Chen Nan

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