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Mainland Box Office Chart for Week 28, 2012

2012-07-19 09:27:57        Chinese Films

According to enFilmbase's China film boxoffice statistics, mainland boxoffice gross in the 28th week (Jul.09-Jul.15, 2012) was 53.17 million, a 13% decreased from the previous week. Moviegoers this week totaled 9.70 million, a 6% slump when compared to the previous week numbers.

Young Mongolian director Wuershan' s "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" collected an estimated $16.25 million over the past week for a three-week total of over $100.02 million, easily defending the championship of the boxoffice chart for a third straight week. Newly-released martial arts "The Four" debuted at number two at the weekly boxoffice chart in mainland China with an impressive $13.03 million over four days in release. Contemporary drama "Caught in the Web" dropped to third place in its second week of release, with $9.69 million boxoffice receipts. This past week, domestic films as a whole accounted for 88% of the weekly gross, China-produced films continued to reign over the boxoffice market.

Produced by Enlight Media, martial arts flick "The Four" boasts a stellar cast including Deng Chao, Liu Yifei and Anthony Wong, and directed by Gordon Chan. The hit is adapted from a martial arts fiction which shared the same name with "The Four" by renowned writer Wen Rui'an. Though the film received mixed reviews among audiences, it gained over-expected good score on boxoffice receipts of $13.03 million over four days in release.

The smash hit "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" once again ruled the boxoffice chart this past week with a strong $16.25 million. Though it suffered a drop of 55% compared to the boxoffice number of its previous week, the fantasy-based action title has totaled over $100.02 million over three weeks of release. Those figures put the "Painted Skin 2" on target to reel in China's previous boxoffice champion- "Let the Bullets Fly" (2010), which grossed a total of $101.37 million in mainland China.

After three-year absence from silver screen, the fourth entry of animated feature franchise film "McDull" started its theatrical run on 10 July. The cartoon piglet garnered $3.62 million over six days in release, comparing to the opening-week performance of its third entry "McDull Kung Fu Kindergarten" (2009) of $3.66 million over three days in release.

Le Version produced "The Zodiac Mystery" is the first thriller film themed with astrology in China, although the topic has been popular with young people for a while. The original subject title earned $1.23 million over three days in release. Martial arts flick "Wu dang", added $2.23 million for a total of $5.41 million in its second week of release. The one and only revenue-sharing foreign film that listed on the top-ten chart, "Madagascar 3", has grossed a total of 32.78 million here over thirty-eight days in release.

Source: EntGroup Consulting

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