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Animation Industry Gets Extra Support

2012-07-13 14:16:36

China will support more animation TV programs and film production, new-media cartoon and game development and will establish five to 10 leading animation firms under a plan for the industry over the period through 2015.

Shanghai will also take measures to boost the animation industry such as providing finance to mobile cartoon and game firms and establish a new comic book center, industry officials said yesterday at the CCG Expo 2012, an animation and game show, in Shanghai.

"Animation has become a major growth engine of related industries, including game, TV, film, fashion design and publishing sectors," Liu Yuzhu, a senior official of the Ministry of Culture said at a press conference of the CCG.

In 2010, China's animation industry output hit 47.1 billion yuan (US$7.47 billion), up fourfold from that of 2005, according to the ministry.

More than 30 animation films will be produced annually by 2015, up from under 10 in 2010, Liu added.

The country will also set up to 10 leading animation firms which can seek listing opportunities in the domestic stock market, Liu said.

Shanghai's city government will invest about 10 million yuan annually to support local animation industry.

Each Shanghai-based mobile animation and game firm with annual revenue of more than 500,000 yuan can apply for the city's finance incentives.

Meanwhile, Shanghai People's Fine Art Publishing House plans to establish a comic book center which will publish "several hundred" comic products this year, Tang Baoshun, its vice president, told Shanghai Daily yesterday.

In 2011, Shanghai's animation industry output was 6.3 billion yuan, up 23.7 percent year on year.

The CCG ends next Monday.

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