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"Ice Age 4" to Be Unveiled in China in DMAX

2012-07-12 14:25:49        Chinese Films

A still photo of "Ice Age: Continental Drift." [Photo:]

Co-produced by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios, the fourth installment of the "Ice Age" movie franchise has set a late July release date in China, reports.

"Ice Age: Continental Drift" will kick off its screening schedule on July 27 in 3D and DMAX/3D screens.

A Chinese trailer for the movie also was released today.

The protagonists of the film franchise will experience a new adventure during a continental drift caused by a squirrel.

The movie will be shown on DMAX, a large film screen made with Chinese independent technology. As Canada-based IMAX Corporation expands its business in China, DMAX is aiming to break its monopoly as a domestic brand.

By Chen Nan

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