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Jackie Chan Takes "CZ 12" to San Deigo Comic-Con

2012-07-11 12:07:34        Chinese Films

Jackie Chan working on the set. [Photo:]

It's official. Movie star Jackie Chan will bring his latest project "Chinese Zodiac 12" to the world-famous San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

According to, Chan will attend the event at the invitation of the organizing committee. One of the movie's female leads, Laure Weissbecker, will also join Chan. It's also the first time for a Chinese film to be promoted at the event.

The movie will portray Chan as a character named Jack who is chasing down four bronze animal heads that were looted from China's Summer Palace in 1860 during the invasion of The Eight-Nation Alliance.

The movie is co-produced by three companies including Jackie Chan's JCE Entertainment, the Chinese mainland's Huayi Bros. and Hong Kong's Emperor Motion Pictures.

The world premiere ceremony will be held on December 20.

By Chen Nan

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