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"People Mountain People Sea" Set to Release on August 3

2012-07-06 16:26:34        Chinese Films

"People Mountain People Sea" set to release on August 3. [Photo: douban]

After a successful screening at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival, the realistic film "People Mountain People Sea" is slated for release nationwide on August 3, reports.

The little-known director Cai Shangjun won a Silver Lion for Best Director at last year's Venice International Film Festival for the drama. It took one year for the movie to pass China's censorship.

"People Mountain People Sea" also earned a high reputation at the Shanghai film fest.

It is based on a true crime in which the youngest brother of a rural family was murdered and the killer fled. Five older brothers searched half the country and finally caught him.

Cai said in a previous interview that the movie is not a commercial one. "The movie shows you the real feelings of common people using a true story."

After screenings in cinemas, the movie will be shown on

By Chen Nan

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