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Youth Film, Don't Lose at the Beginning——FIRST Youth Film Festival Film Collection Summary

2012-07-05 11:26:58        Chinese Films

Films to be screened at FIRST Youth Film Festival.[]

FIRST Youth Film Festival has published the official data of the involved youth films. From sending out the invitations on Jan.1, 2012 to finishing the film collection on June 1, it is said that, exclusive of the films removed by college student judges, there are 783 films received by the committee in the Short Film Contest of the "College Students' Film Festival", and 254 films in the "This Is the One" Youth Film Election. With a range of subjects, they cover feature films, experimental films, animated films, documentary films and so on. So, the quality of the films this year is much better than before and quite a few has won global recognition. Besides, lots of distinct films took part in, which brought the film festival this year more highlight.

College students films bloom

This year, the Short Film Contest of the "College Students' Film Festival" was very "exciting": film clubs from different universities national wide collected their latest films and joined the vampirito and others of different styles also involved in; in addition, students from Open University of Hong Kong and National Taiwan University of Arts handed in their works in time. These films gave the committee series of surprise. A Ji, Run, When the Sunset Glow disappears and Driving Agent, although this series of films are made by college students, they did well. More high-quality films emerged this year and among these films with strong personal style, some were funny, some were delicate and some had strong plots, which shows young filmmakers' great glamour. However, throughout all the films in the festival, focusing on the picture quality, photographic technique and narrative intentions, the staff of committee who first watch all the films show that, comparing to the film creation of foreign college students, Chinese students lose at the beginning. While the reason why they think so will be opened to the public when all awards' nominated films are announced and come to the cinema.

"This Is the One" Youth Film Election Pioneering Expression

The makers of youth films are "the youth", which means a pioneering attitude. Every film means a kind of attitude expression and it is also a reflection of young people's perspective. Among the films in the festival this year, there are not only youth films which are "covered by glorious costume", like Return Ticket, Shattered and The Man; but also films with a great recognition in the moviedom, such as Lu Sheng's Here, There, Hao Jie's Bachelor, Wan Macaidan's Old Dog and Zhang Yang's Full Circle, this series of films pay much attention to humanity films of special perspective and strong sense of reality. The committee indicates, in the background that the influence of the Festival increases gradually, through strict judge mechanism, more and more good youth films will be gathered here and high-quality youth films' home will come into light.

Now, the review of this Festival will start immediately, and the committee will organize all the films and arrange college student judges watch films on June 22, June 23 and June 24. Then the real-name voting of the judges will decide all awards' nominated films in this year's Youth Film Festival. At last, seven professional judges will give the final answer.


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