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Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse Lead Huading Awards

2012-07-05 14:45:45        Chinese Films

Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse Lead Huading Awards.

The 2012 Huading Award, also called the Asian Performance Celebrities Satisfaction Survey Awards, was held yesterday in Beijing with a grand red carpet ceremony.

According to, Chinese film heavyweights including Jackie Chan, Liu Xiaoqing, Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung, were in attendance.

The winners were chosen by netizens via an online satisfaction survey.

Jackie Chan was honored with the Asian Outstanding Achievement Award at the event. Nicholas Tse brought home a trophy for the Best Film Actor in China Award. Chen Qiang and Zhang Ruifang, two renowned actors recently passed away, were crowned with Lifetime Achievement Awards along with 11 other Chinese acting veterans.

By Chen Nan

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