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"Painted Skin 2" to Face up "Caught in the Web"

2012-07-05 13:26:45        Chinese Films

"Caught in the Web" will hit national screens on July 6.

"Painted Skin 2" has been a box office hit and we find out why it's promoting on-line games. "The Sword Of Love" is this month's favourite with young audiences and "Caught in the Web" is a gritty reflection of fast-paced modern society.

The cast of "Painted Skin 2" have been celebrating the film's success in Beijing. Box offices takings reached 300 million yuan, which fans say was down to its special effects and perfect timing. The movie is also doing a lot to promote on-line games.

Shang Jin with Online Game Developing Team for "Painted Skin 2" said, "In Hollywood they focus more on film derivatives. We hope we can continue the film story with online games. The internet has become a great platform for film derivatives."

One low budget film "The Sword Of Love" received compelling audience reviews. It tells the story of a young director trying to make his first film and the emotional journey he goes through to finally reach success.

The film "Caught in the Web" by famous director Chen Kaige is due out on Friday. It's about white collar worker, Ye Xiulan, who refuses to give up her seat to a senior citizen and is later bombarded by netizens as a result.

Actresses Wang Ludan and Yao Chen say the film director, Chen Kaige, purposely focused on modern modes of internet communication and what influence it can have on people's lives.

Chen said, "We live in a fast moving society, and I wanted to reflect that in this film."

The film focuses on net search websites and problems which have been raised in relation to such sites in recent years. The tone of the film is the most serious Chen has produced in his ten years as a director.


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