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"The Four" Offers Humans, Werewolves and Zombies

2012-07-04 16:28:59        Chinese Films

"The Four" offers humans, werewolves and the walking dead. [Photo:]

A collection of still shots from the action flick "The Four" was released today in the run-up to the movie's release on July 12, reports.

Based on the pictures, the movie will be a happy land of humans, werewolves and the walking dead.

One image showed Deng Chao, who portrays a detective, turning into a werewolf as the story develops. His makeup was done by Yu Jai'an, the same stylist who worked on the movie "Detective Lee."

The villain played by Wu Xiubo makes a group of zombies fight the movie's lead characters. The creepiest part of the film is when Wu kisses a dead woman.

Gordon Chan, co-director of "The Four," has become a familiar face among mainland audiences in recent years as the Hong Kong film heavyweight has shifted his focus to the mainland movie market.

With "The Four," Chan is looking to reboot the success of his 2008's blockbuster "Painted Skin" following his disappointing fantasy movie "Mural," which also starred Deng Chao.

By Chen Nan

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