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Cast and Crew Promote "The Zodiac Mystery" in Beijing

2012-06-29 17:10:42        Chinese Films

Cast and crew of "The Zodiac Mystery."[]

A press conference was held yesterday in Beijing for the upcoming thriller "The Zodiac Mystery," with director Sheng Zhiming and actors Tong Dawei, Gan Wei, Qin Han, Qiao Renliang, Liu Yan, Song Ning and Du Haitao in attendance, reports.

"The Zodiac Mystery" has an astrological theme with characters mirroring the characteristics of their zodiac signs. It is said to be the first "constellation film" in China.

The leading man, Tong Dawei, plays a different role as a man whose star sign is Ophiuchus, often called the "13th constellation."

The film is scheduled to premiere on July 13th.

By Ma Sicong

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