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"Painted Skin 2" Grosses 6 Million at First Round of Screening

2012-06-29 10:27:48        Chinese Films

Wang Zhonglei (right), Zhou Xun (center) and Chen Kuo-fu(right) attended a fan meeting event of "Painted Skin 2." [Photo:]

Wang Zhonglei, CEO of Huayi Bros, announced at a fan meeting event yesterday in Beijing that the fantasy movie "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" had grossed 6 million yuan (US$943,000) after its first round of screening, reports.

Actress Zhou Xun and producer of the movie Chen Kuo-fu were also spotted at the event.

According to Wang, over 200,000 people watched the movie at midnight across the country, which set a new record for domestic movies. The revenue ranked third place for the first day of screening at China cinemas, right after "Transformers 3" (12 million yuan/US$1.88 million) and Titanic 3D (10 million yuan/US$1.57 million).

The movie was highly praised by audiences that said it had superior special effects, costume designs and cinematography.

"Painted Skin: The Resurrection" is screened only in 3D currently.

By Chen Nan

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