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Yang Mi and Hawick Liu to Appear in Film Together for First Time

2012-06-27 17:15:27        China Daily

Actress Yang Mi (R) and actor Hawick Liu (L). [] 

Yang Mi and Hawick Liu, one of the most popular star couples among teen Chinese audiences, will star in the same film for the first time.

The two will play lovers in Hold Your Love, a romantic comedy scheduled to premiere on Aug 23, the Chinese Valentine's Day.

In 2011, Yang became a household name overnight after she starred in the time-travel TV drama Palace. Hold Your Love will be Liu's big screen debut.

Yang will also appear in two other films this summer — Wu Dang, a kung fu tale co-starring action veteran Zhao Wenzhuo and Painted Skin 2, a sequel to the 2008 fantasy hit.

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