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Stars Introduce Suspense Film "The Four" at SIFF

2012-06-19 14:43:38        Chinese Films

Deng Chao(right 3), Crystal Liu (left 3), Jiang Yiyan(right 2), Wu Xiubo (right 1) and Collin Chou (left 2) promoted their wuxia filml "The Four" at Shanghai. [Photo:]

Director Gordon Chan and the cast of his latest wuxia film "The Four" attended a press conference yesterday in Shanghai to promote the movie, reports.

It was one of the many promotional events for upcoming films expected to be blockbusters on the schedule of the 15th Shanghai Film Festival.

"The Four" is based on a famous novel of the same name by writer Wen Rui-an, who also attended the event.

The movie revolves around four famous detectives who work for a secret agency during the Ming Dynasty and solve a series of mysterious cases.

Enlight Media, the production company behind the movie, has set July 12 as the film's release date.

By Chen Nan

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