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Cecilia Cheung and Jang Dong-gun Promote "Dangerous Liaisons" at SIFF

2012-06-18 15:05:56        Chinese Films

Cecilia Cheung and Jang Dong-gun at the event. [Photo:]

The two lead actors from the upcoming romance film "Dangerous Liaisons" attended a promotional event yesterday at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival, reports.

Actors Cecilia Cheung and Jang Dong-gun attended the event, although actress Zhang Ziyi was absent.

The movie will be screened during the film festival, although it did not qualify for any competitions because of its official release date on September 27.

"Dangerous Liaisons" is an adaptation of the famous French novel of the same name.

Famous Chinese writer Yan Geling is in charge of the movie's screenplay.

By Chen Nan

"Dangerous Liaisons" set to release on September 27. [Photo:]

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