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"The Last Supper" Release Date Postponed

2012-06-14 15:28:58        Chinese Films

A trailer of "The Last Supper." [Video courtesy of]

Qin Hong, the President of Stellar Mega Media Group, announced yesterday that the release date of the epic film, "The Last Supper" has been postponed, reports.

The Chinese film industry heavyweight was quoted as saying, "Due to the limitations of non-commercial films, we have to cancel the original release date, which was July 5. The exact date has yet to be confirmed."

Director Lu Chuan immediately responded to the news by joking that his "baby is waiting for a hukou" (household registration), meaning that State Administration of Radio, Film and Television had not yet approved the film..

Fans speculated that if "The Last Supper" gets an August release date it will face strong competition from Hollywood blockbusters "The Amazing Spider Man," "The Bourne Legacy" and "The Expendables 2."

It took Lu three years to complete the film. Daniel Wu, Li Ye and Chang Chen play the lead characters.

By Chen Nan

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