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June Romance

2012-06-12 09:19:22        Global Times

Scene from the romance "First Time."[]

Winning the hearts and minds of June moviegoers seems like a challenging task for Chinese filmmakers, as Hollywood blockbusters look set to storm the box office. After achieving record-breaking box office takings overseas, The Hunger Games is coming to China, meanwhile, proven Hollywood earner Will Smith is still an attractive option with Men In Black 3 still drawing impressive crowds. So how will Chinese filmmakers compete?

All signs so far, indicate that they will try tugging at the heartstrings.

First love runs deep

Your first romance is always unforgettable. However, when fate turns ugly for innocent lovebirds, horizons can turn dark and gloomy.

First Time is Han Ting's first film. Han is one of China's youngest directors, and this film stars Yang Ying and Zhao Youting, two of the hottest young actors in China. Yang Ying plays the role of Shiqiao, a girl who suffers from a degenerative disease. She can hardly move and she is gradually losing her memories. Yet before a lonely death takes her, she falls in love with her former schoolmate, a rock singer named Gong Ning, which finally helps her achieve her dream and "dance" on a rock stage.

The cinematography of First Time is bright and sunny, which stands out in stark contrast to its heavy subject matter.

Drunk with love

Alcohol helps you forget many things, including sorrow. Many a wounded lover has used this to ease the pain of their loss. But it can also made you lose your wallet or do stupid things.

However, when young singles tilt back their glass of alcohol and begin to get drunk, perhaps the most common hope they have is that they will find a lover.

LACUNA tells the story of how Shen Wei and Tong Xin did a series of outrageous things after getting ridiculously hammered. Though similar tales have been made into many classics like Eldar Ryazanov's Irony of Fate or Todd Phillips' The Hangover, Peng Haoxiang, the film's director, has tried to insert something fresh. It is interesting that despite being a Hong Kong director, Peng somehow demonstrates an extensive knowledge of Beijing's bars and pubs. This film provided glimpses of many famous clubs like those around the Sanlitun Village, as well as Mao Livehouse and Vics, so it is not strange that many regard it as a video guide to nightlife in Beijing.

Love by the sea

For many, a pure kind of love is a fantasy, but The Ever Loving Ocean Of Blue tells this kind of story. The film was shot in China's most famous seaside tourist destination, Hainan Province, and it tells the story of how five young people struggle in complicated relationships. The director Zheng Zhen has made a film incorporating many elements including fashion, comedy and mystery, which also reflect the modern youth attitudes toward love.

To give and to give up is the basic theme of the film, as hero of the movie seals off his heart due to failures of past relationships. He chooses a kind of exile, in order to avoid reality. It is not until he lets go of the past, that he learns how to find happiness.

Cheating hearts

Diaries of Cheating Hearts tells four stories about four women. Though they come from totally different social strata and backgrounds, all of them lose control after meeting Mr. Right. The challenge for them, is how to balance their desire and their morals. The battlefield heats up when their spouses suspect their infidelity.

The conflict between these women and their spouses explores a range of issues including one-night stands, illegitimate children and unmarried mothers. The one thread linking these stories is how extramarital affairs changed their lives.

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