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"37" Premieres in Beijing

2012-05-31 15:15:34        Chinese Films

Liu Xiaoqing (L), Lin Miaoke (Middle) and Dennis Chan.[]

Director Dennis Chan and lead actors Liu Xiaoqing and Lin Miaoke attended a premiere press conference for their upcoming film "37," reports.

Chan said he felt grateful and blessed to helm the tearjerker and was touched that Liu Xiaoqing joined the cast with no pay.

Liao said playing an old Mongolian woman in the film was a challenge and joked that she thought it was a mistake when Chan first contacted her for the part.

Child star Lin Miaoke said she treasured the opportunity to act in the film and compared it to a summer camp where she was happy every day.

"37" is scheduled for release on June 1.

By Ma Sicong

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