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Exclusive interview: Chinese Superstar Gong Li on China-US Film Ties

2012-05-31 14:57:56        Chinese Films

Gong Li [Photo: douban]

World renowned Chinese actress Gong Li has been discussing her latest projects, at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival. She says that while Chinese cinema can still learn from its US counterpart, the two industries are getting closer and closer together.

Chinese superstar Gong Li is set to play a Mongolian empress, in the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster about 13th century traveler, Marco Polo. The movie begins shooting in 2013.

Gong Li, actress, said, "The whole thing is set in Inner Mongolia. I'm studying the script right now. I'm really excited about making this film, as a Chinese-US joint project. I'm looking forward to working with a top director and top producers."

Cooperation and influence between the two industries are getting ever closer.

But the award-winning actress believes there's still scope for Chinese filmmakers to learn from their American counterparts.

Gong Li, actress, said, "Nowadays there are less and less differences because China is becoming more international. So production styles are becoming more similar. But in terms of technical quality and effects, Chinese filmmakers are still behind American filmmakers. And of course, with a US production, you have to make the whole film in English. The crews working on the set also have to be fluent. So it's a good challenge for a Chinese person working in the film industry."

It's a mutually beneficial exchange. Gong Li says she's made many friends while learning English. And at the same time, American directors and producers are becoming ever more familiar with Chinese culture and language -- while keeping a close eye on the developing tastes of the lucrative Chinese movie market.


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