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Filming for "To Our Past Youth" Heating up in Huangguoshu Waterfall

2012-05-30 10:07:09        Chinese Films

Zhao Wei chose the shooting site for her directorial debut "To Our Past Youth" [Photo:]

Actress Vicki Zhao's directorial debut "To Our Past Youth" finished shooting in Nanjing and Shanghai, and the cast and crew are in the midst of their shoot at the Huangguoshu Waterfall, a famous scenic spot in Guizhou Province.

The shooting in Nanjing and Shanghai caused a bit of a stir, with local residents eager for a peek and local media itching for a story. But the Guizhou government gave its full support and ensured that shooting would go smoothly.

Produced by Stanley Kuan and penned by Li Qiang, the film stars a collection of celebrities including Mark Chao and Han Geng.

By Liu Shuai

The shooting site [Photo:]

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