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Cast and crew Promote "Passion Island" in Beijing

2012-05-29 11:26:04        Chinese Films

Cast and crew of "Passion Island."[Photo:]

A press conference for the upcoming "Passion Island" was held yesterday in Beijing, attended by cast and crew, including director Gan Kwok-Leung, lead actors Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Song Jia and Janice Man, reports.

The rom-com, as introduced by Gan Kwok-Leung, is about 3 couples, Simon Yam and Joan Chen, Francis Ng and Song Jia, and Zhang Zhen and Vanice Man, on Passion Island.

Simon Yam and Joan Chen play a divorced couple, "When we are quarrelling (onscreen), Chen would speak in Shanghai dialect, and I would fight back in Cantonese. Of course, neither of us could understand each other." said Simon Yam.

Francis Ng's recalled a particularly important scene where he carries Song Jia on his shoulders.

Song Jia, one of the most popular mainland actresses in China, was asked to play her role without makeup face. "I have looked worse in other movies," she joked.

The film will be released on June 1 on the mainland.

By Ma Sicong

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