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"Lacuna" Previewed in Beijing

2012-05-28 10:44:57        Chinese Films

Cast and crew of "Lacuna."[Photo:]

Cast and crew of "Lacuna", including producer Pang Ho-Cheung, co-directors Tsang Kwok Cheung and Jimmy Wan and actors Shawn Yue, Lawrence Chou and Mia Yam, attended a preview press conference held in Beijing yesterday , reports.

As a part of the "Four plus One" project produced by Ho-Cheung Pang, the movie tells a comedic story, which is set in Beijing, about a man and woman who can't remember the night of a drinking binge. In one night, they lose a company car and 300,000 yuan in cash, and the two have to work together to retrace their steps.

It's said that the plotline of "Lacuna" resembles that of the Hollywood comedy "Hangover". In response, Pang Ho-Cheung says, "Everyone may experience a hangover, but the two stories are very different. 'Lacuna' is about a man and women."

The cast and crew will continue their promotional tour in cities like Chongqing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

"Lacuna" is set to debut on June 1 on the mainland.

By Ma Sicong

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