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Actress Qin Lan's New Film "Be A Mother" to Release in June

2012-05-28 13:08:50        Chinese Films

Actress Qin Lan [Photo: xinhua]

Actress Qin Lan [Photo: xinhua]

Actress Qin Lan revealed recently in a fashion event that her new film "Be a Mother" is set to hit cinemas nationwide in June, reports.

Directed by Yu Zhong, the film also features Alex Fong and Wang Pei.

The film revolves the sensitive topics of modern society, such as surrogacy and adoption.

Qin Lan portrays a surrogate mother. To make the role more close to life, Qin Lan gained weight and observed pregnancies before shooting.

Another film featuring Qin, "The Last Supper", will meet the audiences during the summer holiday slots. Next, Qin will begin her nation-wide promotional tour for her new films.

By Liu Shuai

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