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Feng Shaofeng and Mou Girl Ni Ni: New Pair in Chinese Film Circle

2012-05-28 14:59:07        Chinese Films

Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni are in love.

Chinese actors these days feel no hesitation in announcing their romantic relationships. The up-and-coming actor Feng Shaofeng immediately announced his relationship with Mou Girl Ni Ni right after he returned from Cannes International Film Festival.

The news caused something of a stir among their fans last week. Most fans sent congratulations to the pair after they heard the news.

Making a name for himself in a time-travel TV drama, Feng has gathered a large number of teenage fans. He and his costar Yang Mi had the moniker Feng-Mi. But Yang broke their fans' heart by announcing that she and Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau were in a relationship earlier this year.

Many people compare Ni Ni, the lead actress of Zhang Yimou's blockbuster "Flowers of War," with Lau and conclude that Feng made the right choice.

Feng wrote on his Weibo page that Ni is a gift from god.

By Chen Nan

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