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Montreal Fest Reaches out to China

2012-05-24 09:09:07        Chinese Films

he 36th Montreal World Film Festival will bow its first China Film Business Week during its Intl. Film Market, per fest prexy Serge Losique.

"Ever since its founding in 1977, the Montreal World Film Festival has been recognized as a pioneer in bringing Chinese films to the attention of Western movie lovers," said Losique. "Now China is opening its markets to Western film and media and it is the appropriate time for us to reciprocate.

"The future of the world film industry depends on a healthy exchange of product and ideas."

The idea is to bring decision-makers from the Chinese film industry to Montreal to meet their Western counterparts. The Chinese delegation will include distributors, film buyers and representatives from the TV industry.

Details of the initiative will be unveiled in early June. The fest unspools Aug. 23 to Sept. 3.


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