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Base FX in ILM Pact

2012-05-23 16:56:43        Chinese Films

A still of "Love in Space."[Photo:]

Base FX, the Beijing-based visual effect group headed by Christopher Bremble, has struck a strategic alliance with Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects icon founded by Lucasfilm and George Lucas.

The deal means that on Hollywood studio movies Base FX will work exclusively with ILM. The Chinese firm, which won Emmys for its VFX on The Pacific and Boardwalk Empire, will continue to be free to work on films from the rest of the world, including Chinese, other Asian and US indie titles, as well as TV.

The alliance is intended to secure a steady flow of Hollywood work for the nine year old Chinese studio while also giving it a quality stamp that comes from an alliance with one of the generally studios acknowledged as one of the top three effects houses in the world. ILM is expected to actively supervise production on work where Base is sub-contractor.

Base FX has worked with all of the Hollywood majors and provided significant chunks of effects work for films including "Super 8," "I Am Number Four," "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" and the upcoming "G.I. Joe: Retaliation." On Asian films It has provided effect for Chen Kaige's "Sacrifice" and "Love In Space" (pictured).

Source: Film Business Asia/by Patrick Frater

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