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Official Poster of "Double Trouble" Unveiled

2012-05-22 15:08:09        Chinese Films

The production company of the upcoming action/comedy film, "Double Trouble," recently released the official promotional poster for the film, reports.

Featuring mainland stars, Xia Yua and Deng Jiajia, Hong Kong actor/singer, Jaycee Chan, and Taiwanese actor, Chen Handian, the film is shot in Taiwan, with action scenes designed by the famed Chinese martial arts director, Li Zhongzhi.

Jacyee Chan portrays a Taiwanese security guard, while Xia Yu plays a security guard visiting from China. The two men, along with a tour guide portrayed by Chen Handian, get into trouble following a burglary at the Imperial Palace.

The film is set to hit cinemas on June 9.

By Ma Sicong

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