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Guillotines Cuts Swath of Sales Deals

2012-05-21 10:01:20        Chinese Films

A still shot from "The Guillotines."[Photo:]

Hong Kong's We Distribution Ltd has licensed a slew of major territory rights on its upcoming action thriller "The Guillotines" (pictured).

The $15 million picture was sold to Metrodome Distribution for UK, AB Droits Audiovisuels for French-speaking Europe, Minerva Pictures Group for Italy and WEG Entertainment for India. The film has previously closed North America with Well Go USA Inc, Germany and Benelux with Splendid Film, and Australia/New Zealand with Icon Film Distribution.

Further deals are pending in the C.I.S., Middle East and Latin America.

A period film about a squad of imperial agents, "The Guillotines" is produced by Peter Chan and directed by "Infernal Affairs" (2002) co-director, Andrew Lau. Its cast includes Taiwan's Ethan Ruan, Hong Kong's Shawn Yue and China's Huang Xiaoming, Chris Lee and Jing Boran.

We also unveiled "The Truth of Beauty," produced by Chan and now shooting under the direction of Chan's regular screenwriter Aubrey Lam. The pair previously worked in this combination for the 2001 Golden Harvest Entertainment Co Ltd hit "Twelve Nights" (2000).

Beauty stars hot new Chinese actress Bai Baihe and Hong Kong's Ronald Cheng in a story about an ordinary girl who embarks on an incredible surgical journey.

Source: Film Business Asia/by Patrick Frater

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