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Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing Attend Huayi Bros' Night at Cannes

2012-05-21 13:19:45        Chinese Films

Wang Zhongjun, CEO of Huayi Bros with cast from the movie "CZ 12." [Photo:]

A reception party for the Huayi Bros. Film Night was held on May 19 during the 65th Cannes Film Festival. The cast and crew from three Huayi Bros. blockbuster movies attended the event including Jackie Chan and his "CZ 12" stars, actress Li Bingbing and the production team of the fantasy film "Painted Skin 2," reports.

According to a source at Huayi Bros., the party celebrated the successful overseas sales of "CZ 12," "Painted Skin 2" and "Taichi 0" at the film festival. However, no particular number was mentioned regarding the sales.

It has been confirmed that "CZ 12" will be Jackie Chan's last action flick. The legendary Chinese Kung Fu star will no longer fight on the silver screen due to his age. With a world-wide reputation, Chan has attracted a large amount of attention at this year's event.

Trailers for the three movies in question were also released during the party.

By Chen Nan

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