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Poster of Jackie Chan's Film "CZ12" Released in Cannes

2012-05-18 13:51:53        Chinese Films

The promotional trailer for Jackie Chan's "CZ12" [Video courtesy of]

Although no Chinese films are officially part of this year's Cannes International Film Festival, the event is still proving valuable territory for Chinese filmmakers hoping to promote their projects.

Martial arts megastar, Jackie Chan, has brought his latest action-packed blockbuster, CZ12, to the international film gala, and has released posters and promotional trailers, reports.

Directed by Jackie Chan, the film has seen Chan pull off more of his famous and unique stunts, such as mountain parachuting.

It has been confirmed that "CZ12" will be screened in IMAX formats in China on December 20.

By Liu Shuai

The newly released poster of Jackie Chan's "CZ12" [Photo:]

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