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Promotional Posters of Kung Fu Drama "Wu Dang" Out

2012-05-16 15:21:36        Chinese Films

Promotional poster of "Wu Dang" features Man Cheuk Chiu. [Photo:]

The Chinese martial-arts film "Wu Dang" is set to debut at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival, has reported.

Promotional posters featuring two of the lead actors – kung fu star Man Cheuk Chiu, and Yang Mi – were released today to build momentum for the film's release at Cannes.

Directed by Patrick Leung and with choreography by Corey Yuen, "Wu Dang" also stars Fan Siu-Wong and Xu Jiao.

It has been revealed that actress Yang Mi has arrived in France to help promote the film, which is her first kung fu debut.

The festival will run from May 16 to May 27.

By Liu Shuai

Promotional poster of "Wu Dang" features Yang Mi. [Photo:]

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