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Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing to Attend Cannes' Film China Night

2012-05-16 13:12:24        Chinese Films

Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing cover magazine.

The Film China Night – co-hosted by CCTV-6 and the organizing committee of the 65th Cannes International Film Festival – will be held in France tomorrow. Some of China's biggest movie stars will be attending the event, according to a report on

Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Zhou Xun and Gu Changwei are expected to be present at the film event, along with other popular Chinese actors such as Yang Mi, Tong Dawei and Feng Shaofeng.

With the rapid growth of the Chinese film industry, there is increasing demand in foreign film markets for more Chinese films. The Film China Night at Cannes has become a platform for the international promotion of China's domestic productions.

Two films from this year's event have caught the attention of international media: the action adventure film, "Fuchun Mountain," and "Painted Skin 2," a supernatural fantasy movie about a demon becoming human.

This year's Film China Night includes a fireworks display and traditional Chinese dance performances.

By Chen Nan

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