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"11 Flowers" Premieres in Chongqing

2012-05-11 14:50:38        Chinese Films

Cast and crew of "11 Flowers" at the press conference.[Photo:]

The cast and crew of the film "11 Flowers" held a premiere press conference in Chongqing on Wednesday , reports.

Director Wang Xiaoshuai and actors Liu Wenqing, Wang Ziyi and Mo Shini attended the event.

The film is the second project that Wang has shot in Chongqing following "Chongqing Blues" in 2010. He shot the new movie in Wansheng district far from downtown Chongqing to show the beauty and simplicity of another part of the city to viewers.

"The old architecture in that district fits the background of the film, which is set in the 1970s," said Wang. "When I first went there, I felt I had gone back 30 years ago."

The film will be released in mainland cinemas on May 18.

By Ma Sicong

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