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Release Date Announced for "Re Ai Dao"

2012-05-11 13:28:46        Chinese Films

Francis Ng (L) and Zhang Zhen in "Re Ai Dao."[Photo:]

The release date for the star-studded romantic comedy "Re Ai Dao" has been set for June 1, reports. The film features actors from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Zhang Zhen, Song Jia, Chen Chong and Janice Man.

The film depicts a series of comical incidents which occur between 3 pairs of lovers on an island named Re Ai Dao, or Hot Love Island. The couples experience a number of misunderstandings and setbacks in pursuit of a happy ending.

The film is highly anticipated due to the big name cast and the beautiful Asian island landscapes.

By Ma Sicong

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