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Cecilia Cheung Overcomes Sex Photo Scandal and Divorce

2012-05-11 10:32:57        Chinese Films

Cecilia Cheung on Treands Magazine. [Photo: Trends]

Actress Cecilia Cheung has never been left out in the cold by the media.

During her latest photo shoot with Trends magazine, Cheung told a reporter, "Whoever hates me, I will treat with generosity."

Cheung previously retired from her acting career following her involvement in a sex photo scandal in Hong Kong in 2008. When her fans believed her marriage to on-and-off boyfriend Nicholas Tse had ended, the pair surprised them by confronting the embarrassing photos.

Yet, Tse and Cheung announced last August that they were getting a divorce because of personality clashes.

Earlier this year, Cheung officially returned to the silver screen in the romance flick "Shadow of Love" with South Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo. The film opens today in mainland cinemas.

Cheung also has finished shooting two other films—"The Lion Roars2" and "Dangerous Liaisons"—both of which feature star-studded casts.

Now that Cheung appears to have overcome her various personal difficulties, she said she is enjoying her time with two sons and ready to start a new relationship.

By Chen Nan

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