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"Caught in the Web" Release Date Confirmed

2012-05-10 15:32:17        Chinese Films

Poster of the film.[Photo:]

The release date for director Chen Kaige's latest film "Caught in the Web" was announced yesterday, reports. The film is slated to hit silver screens on July 6.

"Caught in the Web" is regarded as Chen's return to a more realistic genre of cinema, following his 2002 project "Together with You".

The film focuses on the topics of "Internet Violence" and "Flesh Searches" in today's modern society while also depicting the growing pains of five female characters.

Five mainland actresses star as the movie's heroines with Gao Yuanyuan portraying a white collar worker; Yao Chen, a journalist; Chen Hong, a wealthy housewife; Wang Luodan, a newcomer to the media circle; and Chen Ran, a sectary.

The film marks the first time for Chen Kaige to focus solely upon modern female characters.

"I went to a boy's school when I was a child. I was a bit shy and rarely spoke to the girls," said the director. "As I grew older, I became more and more touched by the courage of women, especially when they are under pressure and experiencing difficulties."

"Caught in the Web" will attempt to attract audiences alongside the presence of several Hollywood blockbusters. Regarding this situation, Chen Kaige stated, "It's good for moviegoers, but for us it's a threatening situation. But in the long run, it's beneficial because it's driving Chinese films to move forwards."

By Ma Sicong

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