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Shooting of "Hold My Love" Heating Up

2012-05-10 17:35:37        Chinese Films

The newly released still photo of "Hold My Love" features Yang Mi. [Photo:]

The shooting of the romance comedy "Hold My Love" has begun in San Ya, a city in Hainan Province, reports.

The production company behind the film released the first still photos yesterday, featuring lead actor Yang Mi caught in the rain in a tropical rain forest. It also disclosed that Yang recently recovered from a serious illness she contracted when shooting the rain scene.

Directed by Zhang Qi, the film also stars Hawwick Lau, Chrissie Chou and Wang Jingchun. It tells the story of newlyweds who soon divorce, but then win a lottery prize for a honeymoon in Sanya. The couple experiences a series of unexpected accidents during their trip.

"Hold My Love" marks the first silver-screen collaboration between Yang and Lau who confirmed their real-life romance on Sina Weibo in January.

The film's release date has yet to be decided.

By Liu Shuai

Yang Mi and Hawwick Lau at a news conference. [Photo:]

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