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"11 Flowers" Opens in France

2012-05-09 16:38:13        Chinese Films

International poster of the film.[Photo:]

Director Wang Xiaoshuai's latest film "11 Flowers" premieres today in France, reports.

Known as the real fist-ever Sino-French co-production on the mainland, the film has been warmly welcomed by French audiences. The French production company expects to sell 80,000 tickets in total.

Wang's works are always popular in foreign countries, especially in France, because of his artistic approach.

In 2001, the Silver Bear award-winner "Beijing Bicycle" gave Wang a global reputation. His successive films, including "Shanghai Dreams" and "In Love We Trust," have continually made him a well-known director in France.

After its premiere in France, "11 Flowers" will make its debut in China on May 18.

By Ma Sicong

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